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system in Egyptian schools

for students:

Students wake up early and they go to their schools about

seventhirty. They stand in rows under the hot sun .then they enter their class rooms about eight o’clock .the class rooms are very crowded of a large number of pupils some times the number of pupils get to hundred pupils or more in one class room.

They learn Arabic language ,English, science, history and geography. In one class room there’s a clever student,a week,student, a stupid one and a naughty one.some of them cry because they go to school .They go to such a boring place and they go to a strict system, they feel pressure and fear from its lows which judge them.

In the other side there are some students feel happy because they go to school which they learn and have some fun with their class mates. They can play some games in the play ground .They can eat at the break.They take some sandwiches in their lunch boxes that their mothers give them before they leave their homes to go to their schools.a huge number of students produce a huge number of illiteracy, there are alot of illiterate students in schools that they can’t read or write.Some of the students annoy their teachers and their class mates .They hit each others .may they steal class mates or make such naughty things that can interrupt the learning process.

Because the huge number of students in the class and in the school students can’t practise the activities. Computers in schools aren’t enough. The play ground isn’t wide to bear the number of students to play and practise sports in it.The musical instruments aren’t enough and some times not exist. Students feel sorry to be not able to practise the activities they love.

for teachers:

Teachers are suffering from the huge numbers of students in the class room they double their efforts to explain and facilitate the lessons for students.

Students are very naughty and there are a lot of problems amonge them,these problems interrupt the teaching process.The huge number of students causes a huge number of problems that annoy the teachers and corrupt the teaching process. You can imagine that if every child utter one word in a crowded class room what will happen? Plus their problems that teachers have to solve it .

Teachers are suffering to manage the class and double their efforts to make this ,sometimes they do it and sometimes they don’t. Teachers in Egypt are also suffering from the low salaries. They get a salary a bout one hundred to two hundred dollars before retire. They can’t live a good life but they live a very poor life.they are all the time suffering and thinking of their families ,their needs and how to enhance their incomes.some of them enhance their income by giving a private tutoring, another works in a part time jobs with also a low salaries to just feed their children and cover their important needs .Teachers and their families feel sorry to live such life like this ,they deserve a good life and respectable life that teachers teach and ligt the whole society ,they save the society and protect them from ignorance .Teachers deserve a good life ,teachers deserve respect and honor.

for managers of schools:

Managers are suffering from the high number of students .High number of students means high number of problems and complains .They can’t demand teachers support and help because the teachers are very exhausted and very tired from their work and their time table is full of hard work.

for the curriculum:

Curriculum are very long and heavy for the age of students. It’s complicated ,not simple and not attractive for students. It’s not suitable for their environment and not related with their life style because the experts who write the curriculum imitate the advanced countries or they transfer their curriculum to us as it ,they don’t modify it and make it suitable for the Egyptian student and its environment.

We need a real development in education in Egypt .we need to open a lot numbers of schools every year to cover the increasable number of students every year .We need to enhance the teachers salary to keep their efforts to only the teaching process. We need a ccuriclum that is simple ,rich with information ,suitable for our environment and life style .we need to hire alot of teachers to relieve the pressure of work that represent a burden of teachers shoulders.

Written by Walaa sultan

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