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pizza, cheese pizza, kinds of pizza

Cheese pizza :

The ingredients :

The dough :

pizza, cheese pizza, kinds of pizza 1

1 small spoon of sugar .

2 small spoons of yeast .

1 cup of milk .

2 cups of flour .

Salt .

The sauce :

2 cans of the poiled tomatoes .

1 small spoon of garlic .

3 big spoons of the olive oil .

Some salt .

Some black pepper .

2 units of tomatoes chopped slices .

2 balls of fresh mozzarella cheese chopped slices .

Some fresh basil leaves .

The recipe :

The dough :

1 . Mix the sugar with the yeast and the milk and leave them a side until fermented .

2 . mix the flour with the salt then the dry ingredients fermented with the liquid ingredients .

3 . put the dough in a pan and covered until it doubled .

Make the dough as pizza forms .

The sauce :

1 . put the pooled tomatoes with the garlic , olive oil and the salt and pepper in a pan and cooked in a middle temperature .

Cool the sauce and spread it on the dough of the pizza .

Row the tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese on the sauce .

Bake the pizza in the oven on 225 degrees until the dough become golden and crispy and the mozzarella cheese has golden color .

Pizza garnish with the basil leaves and catering .

It is so yummy I hope you try this wonderful recipe .

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