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Rice noodles with meat and vegetables: noodles

Ingredients of noodles recipe

2 big spoons of black soy sauce.

Noodles 1

1 big spoon of sweet soy sauce.

2 big spoons of fish sauce.

3 big spoons of kanola oil .

1½ big spoons of oyster sauce.

3 Cloves of garlic.

3 units of eggs.

300 grams of beef, chopped to thin slices vertical on the meat fibers.

½ white onion chopped in to slices.

2 green onions chopped the white parts and the green parts.

4 cups of thick rice noodles, drenched in cold water and separated.

2 green back choy ( Chinese cabbage) , chopped .

½ cup of small red and yellow tomatoes chopped in to half.

¼ small spoons of white pepper.

Recipe: noodles

Mix black soy sauce, and sweet soy and oyster sauce in a pot and leave it in a side.

Heat oil in a pan and put the garlic and wait until the garlic is stirred .

Add the eggs

Add the meat and the onions and let it for1: 2 minutes untill the meat cooked half cooked.

Add the filtered noodles , sauce , tomatoes, and Chinese cabbage.

MIx the ingredients together for 3: 5 minutes and be sure the noodles is cooked but still little crunch.

Add the white paper and mix it .

to another delicious noodles recipe from here

I hope this noodles recipe win your admiration.

Noodles 1

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