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Chicken recipe for dinner

Chicken recipe on bbq: chicken recipe for dinner

The ingredients :chicken recipe for dinner

2 small chickens cut to quarters and leave it with their bones and the skin.

Chicken recipe for dinner 1
Chicken recipe for dinner

¼ cup of lemon juice .

1 big spoon of minced garlic .

1 big spoon of tomato paste .

The spices ingredients :

1 big spoon of paprika or hot pepper .

½ small spoon of sweet pepper .

Black pepper according to the taste .

Some salt according to the taste .

The recipe :chicken recipe for dinner

1 season the pieces of chicken with all last ingredients for 10 hours to a whole day before cooking in the fridge .

Grill the chicken on the coal after putting them on the grill for twenty minutes on a middle temperature with moving them on the two sides.

Catering them with salad and some grilled potatoes. It is so yummy.

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